The scale designed for coffee enthusiasts that monitors the weight, time and flow-rate as you brew coffee.
Digital smart brew-drip scale with multiple brewing functions; standard, auto-tare, auto-timer (with built-in mass detection) etc.
As good as Acaia scales but a fraction of the cost.

Scales can be used solo or in tandem with Phone App (iOS and Android).
Comes complete with 100g calibration weight, micro-USB charger cable, silicone mat for supporting portafilter and protecting load cells.  


Width 15.5 cm  . Length 22.5 cm . Height: 3.5 cm

Readability: 0.1g
Capacity: 2000g
1-Year Limited Warranty
Weight Timer Dual Display
Water Protection
Smart Auto-off
USB Rechargeable
Mobile App Compatible
Auto-start & stop timer
Auto-tare features

Felicita -- Parallel -- Pour-over Scales

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