Galileo Espresso coffee machine 2 group.

Operating Systems:
• electronic (volumetric) with programmable keypad
• semi-automatic with buttons
• semi-automatic with lever.
14 litre copper boiler with thermostatic circuit.
Traditional temperature compensated E61 group (4.4kg).

• T.C.I. – Independent temperature control (independent boilers with PID on each brewgroup) [+€1320]
• Electronics Stage2a (Electronic Clock,  On/Off Scheduler)  [+€225]

• Electronics Stage2b (Electronic Clock. Steam temperature auto-shutoff) [+€225]

• Electronics Stage3 (Electronic Clock, Steam temperature auto-shutoff, On/Off Scheduler) [+€380]
• APS Fully Auto Turbo steamer – Auto probe steamer manages whole frothing process [+€1010]
• Factory applied Paint  [+€310]

• Cold water mixer for Water from service boiler [+€205]

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Video of Galileo consistency in brewing:

BFC Galileo 2 Group

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