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Green Beans. Coffee Machines. Sales. Technical Service. Finance.



Ross Talbot
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Green Beans. Machines. Sales. Service. Finance.

We are a modern coffee machine brokerage whose objective is to offer our customers increased flexibility with their choice of machines & beans.

Our focus is to guarantee that the cafes we work with offer a consistent and quality product while ensuring that waste is kept to a minimum. 

We utilise technology, design, engineering and specialised procurement to ensure our customers and their customers are given the best possible product with the least amount of fuss. 

From roasting through to the final pour we have identified key moments in the brewing process where efficiency and quality are most affected. We offer our customers increased control over the quality of their product.



High quality coffee machines made by a meticulous manufacturer in Veneto, Italy. Mr. M Brutti was a lead engineer for Astoria/CMA prior to starting BFC/Royal c.15 years ago.


Manufacturer specialising in grinders, based in Padua, Italy. Patent holders for mass-metric dosing grinders.


Manufacturers of inconsistency-eliminating tampers, based in Essen, Germany.

Mahlgut in action during 2016 World Barista Championships in Dublin

The KnockBox Company

Manufacturers of super smooth knockboxes with the one-touch delta bar, based in Dublin, Ireland.

We also work various networks to source spare parts for over 700 brands.

We also provide servicing and repairs.




We are a coffee machine brokerage whose goal is to help Cafes get great machines, grinders, coffee supplies and machine servicing at a reasonable price.

We also want to partner with roasters around Ireland to help them get their fresh coffee into Irish cafes.

Finance packages, installation and servicing are available from Steammachines. Free servicing included for 2years 

Steam Machines was started in Wicklow in 2015, by an coffee enthusiast (Ross), who lives in Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow.

Ross came to love coffee about 10 years ago after spending some time in Italy and France. However, when he came back to Ireland he was disappointed by the typical high volume brands of coffee available in most cafes. Inquiring further he found that most cafes bought their coffee bundled with their machine at a monthly rate and were therefore locked into keeping both.

Now with the expansion of roasting taking place in Ireland, Steammachines wants to help cafes choose the coffee they want without being tied to a specific machine or coffee brand. We also wants to help coffee roasters break into cafes that are in such constrictive agreements.

The vision has now grown and SteamMachines wants to supply the complete turn-key package from grinders and commercial espresso machines, water filters, milk, to coffee...and even finance. As many or as few of the aspects of the cafe business as the cafe wants.

If you would like to view our showroom (by appointment) or inquire about our products and services please email:

Or call him on 086 887 2589 



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